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Personalized metrics
Collaborate better with workflow improvements and real-time metrics.
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Log in to your Visibly dashboard to get personalized insights.
Personalized metrics
GitHub App
Automatically keep your organization's teams, repos, and pull requests in sync with Visibly. Never worry about stale permissions or data.
No source code access required
thread that is marked as blocking
Blocking feedback. Mark your feedback as blocking or non-blocking. Only blocking threads will gate PR merge.
thread status history
Thread status history. Convey and understand the status of work without commenting. See the history of each thread.
thread labeled with 'kudos'
coming soon
Thread labeling. Highlight if you're leaving a question, a nit, or kudos
pull request review time by reviewer
Review time tracking. See your active review time on each PR.
presence avatars on a PR
Presence. See when a user is reviewing your PRs and how far along they are.
See personalized insights and metrics to understand how you're doing in real-time. Use these metrics to self-advocate and improve collaboration.
individual contributor dashboard
Dashboard for ICs. Personalized dashboards to help you visualize and understand your effort and contributions across time.
Dashboard for team leads
coming soon
Dashboard for team leads. Understand how your team is working together so that you can help them reach their goals.
personal insights
coming soon
Performance highlights. Digestible, shareable insights to help you see where you're doing your best work.
performance review generated using your metrics
coming soon
Performance reporting. Leverage AI to present and clearly convey your holistic impact and scope.
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Get reviews faster with enhanced notifications and codeowners, make it easy to keep every PR tracked by a corresponding task ticket, and see a more holistic and contextual picture of your performance by integrating your teams' tools.
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Google Calendar
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